Ty To

Getting away for the weekend.

Pitstop in Laugharne. Sun sparkling on the estuary extending beyond Dylan Thomas’ boathouse.

Ty To, a thatched cottage nestled at the back of the village of Tretio, just outside St David’s. Teapot and welshcakes waiting for us ready when we arrive (not that we drink tea, but you know, lovely all the same!) Oil-burning stove and an open fire. Height marks still on the wall from the children who used to live here. Plenty of books to flick through while sitting on the lawn listening to Andy play guitar. Time to properly listen to Joanna Newsom’s new album and just switch off.

Morgan’s restaurant: fluffy Caerfai cheese soufflé, gorgeous Glamorgan sausages and mash, and sticky toffee pudding with salty caramel ice cream. Being recognised by the owner from our visit last March. The waitress knowing the children whose heights have been marked on our wall.

Boat trip around Ramsay island. Seals all over the beaches, bobbing their heads up out of the water to watch us go by. Avoiding being dive-bombed by the kittiwakes and gannets.

Miles of coastal path, nothing much between us and the sea below, winding its way around the headland. Turning a corner to find Coetan Arthur, a burial chamber.

Wondering who it was that was buried here, between the sea and the shadow of Carn Llidi…

…which looked down on us as we hunted for lost tupperware…

…under the watchful eye of some curious moogles.


8 thoughts on “Ty To

    • We found 5, and one fail. It was fun! Not that we had much signal out there – could have done with a proper GPS receiver!

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