We headed up to Caerphilly mountain last night to see how the volcanic ash cloud would affect the sunset. I’m not sure how much more spectacular it was than usual, but it’s nice to take time out and just watch the sun go down every once in a while.

While we were up there we grabbed a chance to go cache-hunting. My lovely new Xperia X10 phone makes this a hell of a lot easier than my first attempts where I would look at a map online before setting off, try to remember where I was headed, fail and text Andy for clues. We’ve only found a few caches so far, and mostly local but it’s great having a reason to stop and properly look at places I walk past every day. (Although I did get a funny look from my boss who happened to walk past me in the park as I was counting fence poles as part of a multicache clue). I found some film when we moved house so I’ve been taking my Holga with me.


3 thoughts on “Pootling

    • Thanks to Dan, Ruth, and JTA; for introducing it to us! But yes, we should definitely go for a proper walk out somewhere soon. Sometime after you’ve recovered from tomorrow!

  1. The X10 looks like an awesome phone, hope that’s working out nicely for you. Glad to see you’re enjoying caching, too!

    We just had Troma Night 300 – wish you could have been here! – blog post to follow, undoubtedly.

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