I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since our wedding. It’s all gone so fast since that stumbling proposal on top of the plinth last September! Not having masses of time or money, we kept everything low-key and local and everything turned out perfectly. The main thing for us was having all our favourite people in the same room together with good food, drink, and some choons (ok and the cakes were pretty important!).

I really wish I could do it all again (you know, with the same husband and all), it was such a fun day. I didn’t get nervous until the last few minutes when I was trying and failing miserably to apply my eyeliner! I was so busy trying not to fall over when walking into the room that it was all a bit of a blur. I walked in with my dad and fabulous bridesmaids to a a piece of music that Andy had written specially and walked back out to The Ramones. Alec and Bethan did two lovely readings, Notes on a Marriage by Charles Darwin, and a poem by Neil Gaiman. Baby Ada cracked everyone up by trying her best to stop the wedding by objecting in just the right/wrong place!

We’d had a great time planning all the little bits and bobs for the reception – the record place markers, the David Bowie table names, seemingly endless reams of bunting, the playlists, (eating) the sweets and chocolate hearts – and it was fab seeing everything together. The dancing was awesome and I was so glad I’d brought flat shoes to wear!

Thank you again to everyone who came (or tried their darndest to come!).

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3 thoughts on “Th’Wedding

  1. oh no you put up the photo with the unmade bed! I’ve cropped it since….
    It’s weird seeing the photos up when I feel like I haven’t given them to you, the whole lot should be finished converting in a few minutes. It’s nice though, it sort of feels like they’re someone else’s and the first thing I thought was “they look good” so I’m really pleased. And pleased that you’re happy enough to put them up.

    Can’t believe it’s nearly been a month either, still seems like yesterday.

    I hope married life is meeting up to the expectations set by the wedding.

    My only regret is not having more cakes, but that’s basically my regret every day anyway.

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