Stuff I like Sunday

*My Valentine’s Day slippers! Having discovered during my wedding that no, I couldn’t walk in them, my lovely Vivienne Westwood Anglomanias are now relegated to rather extravagant walking-around-the-house-in shoes.

*Derren Brown, who we went to see on Wednesday. After having fun navigating Swansea’s one way system and early-closing car parks, we ended up at the Grand Theatre with about a minute to spare. It was a great show. It’s been great fun twisting my brain in knots trying to work out how he did what he did!

*New house! In a couple of weeks we’ll be leaving our little Toy Shop attic to a house on t’other side of the river. As much as I hate moving house, I am really looking forward to a new space. The lack of natural light in our current flat is starting to get to me! It was the bright yellow walls of the living room that attracted me to the new house – so sick of landlord beige!

*PicasaI’ve been trying to save my photos somewhere else before my laptop decides to blow up or something.

*The fact that my hand seems to be working better today. I cleverly slipped in the middle of the road on the way home from work on Friday and sprained my wrist, bruised me bum and seriously dented my dignity! Have taken it as an excuse to buy new boots as I’m sure it was the fault of the boots I was wearing at the time!


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