Knot = tied

So Andy and I finally got hitched!

Wedding photos from mums, dads, grandparents

Thank you to all of you who came (or tried very hard to get here!). We had such an amazing day and it was ace seeing so many fab people in one place! I’ll blog about it in a bit more detail when we get the photos back from fantabulous photographer Simon.

At the moment we are trying to readjust to real life (and to GMT). New York was great and we could have spent a lot longer there pootling around. We stayed just off Times Square where everything was big and shiny! While we were there we:

* managed to eat our own weight in cream cheese bagels and Reese’s Pieces

* went to see the Tim Burton exhibition at MoMA which was as fun and twisted as you’d expect

* ate pretzels in Grand Central Station, pizza in Brooklyn, red velvet cake from Magnolia Bakery in Central Park (oh so good), drank coffee at Trump Tower

* went to M&Ms world – 4 whole floors of M&Ms merchandise! M&Ms Monopoly, M&Ms golf accessories, M&Ms pajamas… oh, and some chocolate

* did the whole tourist shebang – Empire State building, Staten Island Ferry, Macy’s

* went to see Of Montreal at the Highline Ballroom. At one point the girl I was stood next to turned to me and said “Steven’s surrounded”.  “Eh?” I shouted back. “It’s Susan Sarandon!”. And so it was. Susan Sarandon, dressed as a school teacher, was spanking a pig on stage. Fun!

* had an amazing meal at Blue Hill in the West Village. We had the tasting menu, which meant I had the Squash Soup, a salad of Winter Fruits and Vegetables, Purple Potato and Ricotta gnocchi, Cauliflower Steak (seriously more yummy than cauliflower has a right to be!), Passion Fruit Sorbet and Vanilla Rice Pudding.

* got adopted by some rockers/Torchwood fans at a bar and given free cocktails and dragged to Coyote Ugly where I somehow ended up dancing on the bar. “Dude, your wife’s dancing on the bar!”. Horrendous hangover ensued

* went to see Avenue Q, a comedy musical inspired by Sesame Street. Having got over my amazement at managing to drag Andy to a musical, the first half was great, really silly fun. The second half not so much, got a bit schmaltzy for my taste. Still, the image of puppets having sex is one I’d like to get rid of now please

So January’s been fun. Hope the rest of the year is as exciting!


3 thoughts on “Knot = tied

  1. Congratulations again guys! I’ve heard it was an amazing party and a gorgeous day. I’m so very happy for you both. Hopefully we can get down to see you soon.

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