Been Ape!

go ape

On Saturday, while Andy stayed at home and made a Bakewell Tart, I went to swing around in some trees and pretend I was Tarzan for a while.

A few of us went to Go Ape at Margam Park, which is basically a “high wire adventure” as they put it. After getting kitted out in a harness and listening to a short safety briefing (always stay attached, don’t fall off, that kind of thing) you get to channel your inner Indiana Jones and traverse ricketty bridges between the tree tops, jump from platform to platform, scramble across cargo nets and, my favourite, fly down the zip lines.

The course took a couple of hours to get around and was great fun. The muscles in my arms still haven’t forgiven me though! They do a cheap deal on Sundays which seems like a good way of checking it out.

Although if you think you’ll be in the Aberfoyle area any time soon it might be worth hanging on to check out the UK’s biggest zip line, which looks fab!


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