Fings I like Friday

Most of all I think I like that it’s Friday! It’s the first 5 day working week in a long time, and I sort of feel a bit ‘Back to School’.

*Indie Soup Runners – I’ve just started going the gym again after a (very) long break. Being as there’s a gym at either end of my street, both about two minutes walk away, I felt I couldn’t really get away with it any longer. Anyway, it’s just as tedious as I remember, but the playlists from Indie Soup Runners are helping!

*Redhead Day – Such a good idea. They should definitely have one in this country. Redvolution all the way! (I know mine comes out of a box, but there’s some real red under there somewhere!) As the immortal song goes, “Ginger baby, do not cry, you are not the one to blame.”

*All the Beatles love – Ok, so not a band who need this much publicity, but I do like being able to walk into a shop and hearing Ringo singing Matchbox. The Beatles, all four of ’em, were my first love (although George was always my fave). I’ve got so many memories connected to the Beatles in some way –

Sitting around in the hallway at school quoting A Hard Day’s Night (Which I’m glad to say I still can. “Do I snore John?” “Yeah, you’re a window rattler son”, “That’s just your opinion. Do I snore Paul?”, “With a trombone hooter like yours it’d be unnatural if you didn’t”) …

Buying Beatles vinyl and books half and halfwith Cat and swapping them every Friday …

The man in Kelly’s Records telling us he’d give us his signed copy of Sgt Pepper if we guessed correctly how much it was worth – and changing the price everytime we went back …

Swapping Wings CDs with another ever so-cool girl in New York …

My first encounter with internet fandom and slash! …

Queuing for 8 hours in the rain to see Paul do a signing in Liverpool only for it to close just as I got to the front …

*500 Days of Summer – This film was lovely. Not perfect by any means (I kind of feel Zooey Deschanel is too pretty to look anything much other than vacuous, although I do love She&Him, and can I have her wardrobe please?) Especially loved JGL’s big dance scene. A big dance scene makes any film better.

*Weekend plans – Alela Diane at the Gate, Tabu – No Fit State’s new show, not leaving Cardiff!


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