Stuff I like Saturday

Mad Men

*Mad Men – Season 2 DVD arrived this week. It’s fab. It’s set in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in the early 60s, and everything about it is just impeccable – the scripts, the fashion, the decor.

*Alela Diane – I bought her first album, The Pirate’s Gospel, at Green Man last weekend. Makes me want to run away to the woods, to the dirt ditch paths and pine cones. She’s playing at the Gate in a couple of weeks – really looking forward to it.

*Children’s books related blogs – They’re reminding me of the sheer amount of crap I read as a child. My reading habits were definitely quantity over quality. I read so many Babysitter’s Club, Famous Five, Sweet Valley, Saddle Club, Point Horror books. And I’m sure there was a depressing series about children with terminal illnesses that I used to read and now can’t find any evidence of. Anyone have any ideas?


*Finally conquering intarsia knitting (sort of) – My last attempt was when I was still at university – I was obviously so traumatised by my failure that I haven’t tried since. But with a lot of frogging and starting over, I’ve managed to knit a little boat! No idea what it’s for though.

*My road – A new deli, Boothby Green, opened on our road last week. It promises to sell zebra meat – I think I’ll stick to the cheeses. Yum.


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