Green Man


Went to my fourth Green Man festival at the weekend. We hadn’t been since 2006 so was glad to see that it hadn’t gotten any bigger, and that the changes that had been made were generally good ones (like changing the cafe stage to the much bigger pub stage). Being the first festival I ever went to, and introducing me to some of my favourite music (Joanna Newsom, James Yorkston etc), I feel a bit protective towards it, and was a bit worried about it getting too big. But my worries were unfounded. I had a great time and was sad not to be waking up in a field this morning!

Stuff I liked:

*Music: Lots! Especially Beach House, The Pictish Trail, Grizzly Bear, Dent May,Wilco, Dirty Three.

*PieMinister – Mm, Heidi Pie

*Eating Mexican three nights in a row

*The closing ceremony on the Sunday night in which they burned the Green Man – was a bit terrifying

*Getting four nights of really good sleep – the family campsite is definitely the way to go!

*Bubbles everywhere

*In reply to the comedian’s question “What’s the rudest word you know”, the small child who answered “Shiitake Mushrooms”


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