Glastonbury, a gig and GreenMan

Took a quick spin down to Glastonbury on Saturday being as we weren’t doing anything else, and Andy hadn’t been there before.

I’ve visited the place a couple of times when I was younger. Once with a friend’s family when I was a tie-dye wearing, bad-poetry writing, crystal-carrying young’un, listening to this sort of thing, and then once a few years later on an Arthurian-themed camping trip with an ex (Tintagel & Glastonbury). Oh yes, I am that cool.

I wasn’t quite as interested in the shops as perhaps I used to be, (I probably still have a few books on Moon Magic lying around if anyone wants them – no?) but we did have a nice bimble around the Abbey and up the Tor.


On Monday evening we went to see múm and Gravenhurst at the National Museum for Wales. I’m not yet convinced by the Museum as a venue for gigs, but it was definitely a more successful trip than when last time we saw múm, when they were playing with Cat Power at the Barbican. We were late because I decided that as everyone was getting off the bus, we must have arrived at the Barbican. Which of course we hadn’t. Which Andy had realised of course, and which I didn’t until I saw him driving off down the road, still on the bus. And of course when we did eventually get there we had front row tickets so didn’t exactly make an inconspicuous late entrance. Anyway, Monday was less stress-free certainly. I can see that Gravenhurst is a bit dour for most, but I kind of like the potential serial killer w/ choir boy voice aspect, and lines like this (from Animals) are too true:

They descend upon the city like flies
Spraying their eggs into a dead dog’s eyes
It’s England on a Saturday night

And múm were really gúd (especially once I’d got over the fact that one of the singers reminded me of Tracy Flick)

More music at the weekend – off to GreenMan – excited!


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