We travelled to Stockholm last week for a wedding. We decided to make a bit of a holiday of it since we were going all that way so stayed for five nights. I could easily have stayed longer but probably best that we didn’t as we ran out of money by the last day. Lovely place but rather pricey!


We stayed in a place called Langholmen Hostel, an old converted prison which was last used as such in the seventies. This meant that our room was a little bit cramped, but it was a fun place to stay. Also, the breakfast was good and plentiful – which was great as we could fill up and not spend as much on food the rest of the day (well – in theory anyway).


Food was generally good, but quite expensive for us.

*My favourite place we ate at was an all-you-can eat Vegetarian buffet place called Hermans, which had fab views of the city.

*Another good find was Siam Thai restaurant in Gamla Stan (the old town), which was really tasty.

*I also particularly enjoyed the giant ice cream I had in Gamla Stan, which consisted of three big scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone, with a giant Snowball on top – yum (and yes of course I managed to eat all of it).

Things to See

In between eating we:

* Went to Skansen, an open-air museum sort of like St Fagans National History Museum outside Cardiff – but with added bears!

*Visited the Vasa Museum, which displays a salvaged 17th century which sank on its maiden voyage after less than a nautical mile – fail! Still, makes for an impressive museum piece.

*Saw The Smittens – who are generally a bit too twee even for my liking, but seemed to fit better in sunny Stockholm.

*Resisted buying a record called Feline Groovy – a compilation of 50s and 60s songs about cats!

*Attended Jonny and Astrid’s wedding which was lovely! It’s great when a weddinG reflects the couple so well, which I’m glad to say is true of most weddings I’ve been to. (Plus Swedish wedding ceremonies are the way to go – it only took about five minutes!)

*Went to the Museum of Modern Art – was particularly struck by the Clay Ketter exhibition. “My work is banal, but that’s okay”.

*Became jealous of everyone with a holiday home in the Stockholm archipelago.

*Generally wandered around and had a lovely time! It really is a nice city.

Here’s a map just in case anyone happens to be lucky enough to be going there soon.


6 thoughts on “Stockholm

  1. My mum went to Stockholm when I was quite small. She brought me back a chlldren’s book telling the story of Vasa, the bit where the ship was stuck in the harbour and the water had got all polluted used to make me cry, because it looked so sad – mind you, I was very young.

    Sounds like you had a great time!

    • Sounds like the kind of thing that would have made me cry too! (Mind you, the On Top of Spaghetti song always made me sad, so it didn’t take much!)

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