Things I Love Thursday


* Borders Half-price Sale – The Borders in Talbot Green is closing down, which means all stock is half price. Got ourselves a good haul. Plenty of reading to keep me busy this summer! Especially pleased to have got hold of a cheap copy of Always Magic in the Air, the story of the Brill Building songwriters. Sad to see Borders go though – I was so excited when it first opened when I was in Talbot Green – books, coffee!

* My new camera – I treated myself to a Nikon D40 a few weeks back, to celebrate the end of my PgC in E-communication. Having never done any photography before I’ve got a lot to learn! Still, it’s fun being able to take freaky photos of things like the Techniquest exhibit torso in the photo above!

*Glitter & Sparkles – I’m off to a hen weekend in York at the weekend and the theme is glitter and sparkles, which is a great excuse to buy shiny things.

*Spotify – It’s great being able to listen to random things that take my fancy. Especially love making playlists, like this one.


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