First post. First blank page. Always the most intimidating.

Anyway, this is just a scribblepad for…stuff.

Erm, so why The Gingerbread? Well, apart from the red hair thing, I wish I could be a Gingerbread in Goldie & the Gingerbreads! They were one of the first all-girl bands signed to a major label, and their lead singer, Genya Ravan, is fab. Her autobiography, Lollipop Lounge: Memoirs of a Rock and Roll Refugee, has it all – from surviving the holocaust, drug addiction, cancer and a fair bit of rock and roll in between! I love a good book about music (ok, I equally love trashy music books – hello Angie Bowie’s Free Spirit!).

I’ve been missing having a place to record random happenings and thoughts, as I used to in my LiveJournal, so I guess this is just a continuation of that (but hopefully less emo).

Anyway, I shall leave you with a picture of the bag I finished making this evening using Posie Gets Cozy ‘s Jane Market Bag pattern and some lovely kitten fabric I received for my birthday.

Jane Market Bag

Jane Market Bag


2 thoughts on “Croeso!

  1. Yay! Another blog. I love blogs. Like what you’ve done so far. Looking forward to seeing more pics. I’m just sorting out the 130 I just took down the Barrage now! Listening to your Spotify playlist too.

    Take care x

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